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Asa Herrgård AB

363 94 Lammhult


Welcome to the table in the forest

The table is located a couple of kilometers from Asa Manor. This is where your forest adventure begins. You receive a cooking kit containing everything you need to cook your food outdoors.

You may need to buy the ingredients that can't be found in nature during your visit.

You can drive almost all the way to the table or book transport with a four wheeler. 

To really enjoy a gorgeous summer day, rent a canoe and take the lake route to the table.

Or perhaps you prefer being guided through the “harvest”, 

or at least getting some help from the manor chef? 

We’ll give you more information of our additional services upon booking.


After a day of outdoor cooking, it might be nice to sit down at a set table in the manor dining hall, enjoying a delicious meal based on the forest pantry. Right by the manor is a jetty where you

can go for a magical evening swim in Lake Asajsön. 

The next day you can go horseback riding, hiking, bicycling, or fishing in the lake.

Or simply enjoy the rare luxury of silence. 


Asa is located far from the highways and is one of the quietest places in the area.

The nearest city is Växjö, 45 minutes away. Here you can find train and flight connections.

During summer, direct flights to Amsterdam, Berlin, and Gdansk depart from

Växjö Småland Airport, and a 2.5-hour train ride will put you right at Copenhagen Airport.



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